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Parrots Wood

The Empourium

The Empourium

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The Empourium is Alex's biggest project yet. This vibrant bowl is made up of layers of multicoloured resin poured over a merry mashup of contrasting woods.

With The Empourium, Alex brought his vision to life - a vibrant, eye-popping artwork brimming with depth and intrigue. At first look it's a lovely bowl, but look closer or catch it in different light and suddenly the quirky materials embedded within are revealed. These surprises send the imagination on a magical mystery tour!

No two people will journey to the same destinations gazing into The Empourium's kaleidoscopic layers. Let your mind meander through the rainbow of textures and tones as you appreciate Alex’s epic creativity and skill crafting this one-and-only resin artwork. Turning this showstopper tested the limits of Alex's lathe over several weeks at his Parrots Wood workshop but this robust bowl will last more than a life time.

The Empourium is not for the faint hearted.
This bowl measures 32 cm wide by 14.7 cm heigh and weighs a healthy 2.8kg .

Locally sourced, salvaged, and found wood, pigment powder and epoxy resin.

Packaging & shipping
The bowl has Parrots Wood branding on the bottom and will come with a beautiful hand made box by Alex which will be sent special delivery. 

If you have a void in your life that needs 32 cm of sheer bliss then The Empourium is the investment for you!

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