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Parrots Wood

Y Knot?

Y Knot?

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This cheeky bowl gets its character from cutting the wood right at the crotch where the tree's limbs branch off.

The curvy tree knots result in a lovely feathered pattern, and the visible cracks reveal the tension the tree was under until it was free to be a bowl. Most of the bark was carefully stripped away to reveal its natural edge, but a choice piece remains to show off the tree's lovely natural colours and textures. 


This bowl measures X cm wide by X cm heigh and weighs a healthy Xkg .

Locally sourced, salvaged, and found wood, pigment powder and epoxy resin.

Packaging & shipping
The bowl has Parrots Wood branding on the bottom and will be sent special delivery. 

Why not treat yourself to this cracking piece of nature.

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